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Business Advisory

At SwapsTech, we clearly recognize that a state of the art system does not stop at licensing our banks; then turning a few switches, emailing user guides, providing a couple days’ site training, and a help desk phone number.

From planning and implementation, to full production operation, to product improvements and customizations, we listen continuously. We respond with qualified, expert advisory services that enable our banks to harness the full power of our systems.

  • We not only cover every systems configuration setting during implementation, but we continuously refresh and reinforce training to ensure that the bank runs its business profitably, compliantly, and efficiently at scale.
  • We are acutely in tune with Best Market Practices and back it with highly seasoned, prior banking, trading, and operating experience of our top SwapsTech team members.
  • We uphold the New York Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Committee’s (FXC) “60 Best Practices”, as well as the FXC’s “Execution to Settlement Recommendations for Nondealer Participants.”
  • We provide the BSA Officer, the Compliance Officer, the Accountant, and Internal/SOx Auditor as much hands on advisory AND system support, as we do the Trader/Salesperson, Risk Manager and the Operations Manager.
  • GAAP accounting is fully built into our systems, with in-house expertise and hands-on advisory/support. Our accounting is not a thinly crafted or outsourced subsystem.
  • Given our small-to-mid-tier bank focus, we anticipate our banks’ growing and changing needs, including post-merger and acquisition integrations, buildouts, and customizations.
  • Product and Solution training services to get updated on latest standards in technology adopted for various product functions

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