Foreign Exchange

FX STAR™ is the industry leading, most comprehensive foreign exchange system, delivering a best in class, end to end, tailored solution for managing all foreign currency products - Simple, Elegant, Powerful and Customizable System.


FX STAR™ Web is SwapsTech's state of the art online trading and payment platform, providing clients with the tools to manage payments, monitor positions, hedge risks and monitor activity across the full range of FX payment and FX derivative products including Window Forwards.

  • Multi-lingual, Multi-jurisdiction, Multi-regulatory, Multi-entity, Multi-currency client portal.
  • Supports FX Spot, Forward and Derivatives trading, with online drawdowns.
  • Support Multi-Currency Account Management and Payments.
  • Supports for RFQ and RFS with an intuitive timer.
  • Simplified payment page with few clicks to complete a wire.
  • Supports same day, next day, and spot payments; schedule future dated payments.
  • Initiate both foreign currency and USD wires.
  • Bulk trading and bulk payment upload interface.
  • Automated quote and cover function.
  • Integrated BIC, IBAN, IFSC and other international bank identifier validation.
  • Capture country specific payment instructions, reduce payment delays and improve STP.
  • User Self-Admin module to manage users, maker checker functions, entitlements and trade limits.
  • Announcements and market news feed.
  • Multiple layers of security to protect the customer information and payments.
  • Two-factor authorization.
  • Maker checker function to approve users, templates, and payments.
  • Client risk management, with daily trading and settlement limit for each user.
  • Restricted access by geographic regions.


FX STAR™ Desk is a front office, pricing, trading and risk management module, supporting all FX asset classes including derivative products;manage quoting through a multi-tiered auto-pricing matrix, with a real time dealing interface.

FX STAR™ Desk provides a seamless trade execution and trade management experience for clients. For Dealer, FX Desk provides advanced tools for managing positions, risk, and P&L. Manage credit with an integrated real time credit engine and address regulatory requirements with a unique regulatory management engine.

Connect with liquidity providers, through direct interface or aggregation platforms to efficiently price and layoff the risk based on custom rules. The report builder provides tools for quickly and easily creating customized reports - analyze trade history, risk, P&L and many other reports. FX derivatives are efficiently managed with automated NDF fixing, option triggers, expiry and exercise.

  • Tiered Pricing by Size, Currency, Customer, Time of trade and more.
  • Automated Quote & Cover with Liquidity Providers.
  • Blended and/or marked up Market Data for Pricing.
  • Pre-trade Dodd-Frank Compliance, Limit and Fraud check.
  • Dealer Intervention Controls with Manual Pricing.
  • Aggregated Positions, Risk, P&L from a variety of channels.
  • Automated auto-hedging from Forward to Spot books.
  • Real-time Risk & Limit Management.
  • Slice and dice P&L by Year, Month, Region, Sector, RM, Customer and more.
  • Custom report builder for Trade, Risk, P&L and more.
  • Simple NDF Fixing and Option Exercise.
  • In-memory grid architecture with realtime access to trade, risk and P&L.
  • Simple trade booking with integrated P&L calculator.
  • Slice and dice pivot tables.
  • Custom report builder.


FX STAR™ Office is a powerful back office system for efficient and secure post-trade processing with tailored workflow solutions. Each institution is unique; their customer base, internal processes, business systems and product focus are different. Servicing clients and the growth of business is often limited by the legacy systems that support your payment and capital markets business lines – keeping this in mind, FX STAR™ delivers a powerful plug and play based trade processing system, that easily integrates with any system, orchestrated by configurable workflows that maximizes straight-through processing, yet provides the ability to integrate manual controls when required, with maximum efficiency.

  • Simplified plugin to integrate with bank’s DDA system to check balance in real-time, memo post, override posting error, and finally hard post.
  • SWIFT plugin to instruct correspondent banks to confirm the trade, process payments, receive incoming wires, receive trade confirmations and receive nostro statements.
  • Integrated and automated OFAC/Compliance screening, score based auto approval, false positive approval, BSA approval and audit tracking process.
  • Country specific payment requirement configuration and enforcing required fields for payments.
  • Integrated BIC directory, IBAN validation, and other national bank identifier validations.
  • Workflow-driven PDF confirmation generation and transmission process, with a client interface to confirm, or upload signed confirmation.
  • Automated SWIFT confirmation with automated and manual matching.
  • Efficient incoming wire processing.
  • Simple and powerful Nostro Reconciliation process and reporting.
  • Automated regulatory reporting engine.
  • Simplified draft collections, draft image upload, clearing, and FX conversion process.
  • Comprehensive Investigation management and reporting.
  • Automated MTM report generation and transmission plugin.
  • Detailed and best market practice journal entry generation and reporting plugin.
  • Automated End of day processing with controls to run earlier.
  • Straight through processing with manual control when required.
  • Out of the box, best market practice workflow tailored to suit your institution’s unique needs.
  • Readily available plugins to integrate with DDA, SWIFT, GL and AML systems.
  • System access is driven by entitlements and two-factor authentication.
  • Maker and checker dual authorized functions for crucial processes.
  • Integrated document management system to manage all customer agreements and documents.
  • Simple and powerful, template driven report builder.


FX STAR™ Branch portal allows employees at the wire processing room or at remote bank locations to process FX payments, cash letters, and bank notes in real time. This portal provides institutions with the tools to deliver personal, efficient foreign currency banking services across all locations, while adhering to regulatory and best market practices, and maintaining complete oversight of risk management.

  • Integrated Dodd-Frank Act (Section 1073 - Regulation E) disclosure and cancellation provision for consumer wires.
  • Configurable rate engine, with start of the day or periodically updated or live rates for pricing.
  • Customizable pricing tiers for consumers and corporate clients.
  • Exchange rate calculator with simplified payment page.
  • Initiate both foreign currency and local currency (USD) wires, settling cross-border or domestic.
  • Flexible to manage the risk in-house or automatically quote and cover with liquidity provider.
  • Integrated BIC, IBAN, CLABE, IFSC and other international bank identifier validation.
  • Capture country specific payment instructions, reduce payment delays and improve STP.
  • Circulate information including holiday notices and announcements for Branch users.
  • Multiple layers of security to protect the transaction.
  • Two-factor authorization.
  • Maker checker dual authorized functions to approve payments.
  • Controlled access by geographic regions.
  • Restricted access to branch and wire room employees.

MCA Account Management

SwapsTech's Multi-Currency Account management system enables the financial institutions to create and offer foreign currency denominated accounts to their client base. MCA accounts can be used to buy/sell currencies, receive incoming wires without converting to domestic currency, initiate foreign currency wires without FX translation, manage foreign loans, deposits and more. MCA STAR is plugged into SwapsTech’s FX and Loan back office platforms, for seamless, simpler and faster settlement processing and accounting.

  • Create multiple sub-accounts from one Nostro account.
  • Dedicated or shared Nostro account for MCA accounting.
  • Manage account maintenance and transaction fees.
  • Powerful Nostro Account management and reconciliation tool.
  • Daily valuation of Nostro balances, MCA balances, and P&L reporting.
  • Automated MCA statement generation and transmission.
  • Detailed journal entry generation, revaluation, and reporting.
  • MCA accounts are integrated into SwapsTech’s client portal, allowing seamless transaction and balance management.

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