Money Market

Loan and Deposit - Additional integration of money market transaction and reporting feature/functions

Client Portal

FX STAR™ Web can be extended to include additional integration of money market (loans and deposits) transaction and reporting feature/functions

  • Multi-lingual, Multi-jurisdiction, Multi-regulatory, Multi-entity, Multi-currency client portal.
  • Supports multi-currency loan advances and paydowns, notices and statements.
  • Supports multi-currency term deposit placements and rollovers, and notices and statements.
  • Supports for RFQ and RFS with an intuitive timer.
  • Simplified payment page with few clicks to complete a wire or book transfer.
  • Supports same day, next day, and spot payments; schedule future dated payments.
  • Initiate both foreign currency and USD wires.
  • Integrated BIC, IBAN, IFSC and other international bank identifier validation.
  • Capture country specific payment instructions, reduce payment delays and improve STP.
  • User Self-Admin module to manage users, maker checker functions, entitlements and trade limits.
  • Announcements and market news feed.
  • Multiple layers of security to protect the customer information and payments.
  • Two-factor authorization.
  • Maker checker dual authorized functions to approve users, templates, and payments.
  • Client risk management, with daily trading,settlement and credit limits for each user.
  • Controlled access by geographic regions.

Front Office

Fully integrated into FX STAR™ Desk is the Money Market Module. Book and manage loans and deposits in multiple currencies, in any combination of types and conventions observed throughout interbank, capital, commercial, and corporate/leveraged markets.

  • Global money market conventions are supported, including tenor/term, business day and day count conventions, fixed versus floating, indexing/spreading and resetting across multiple currencies, floor/cap setting, amortizations (conventional and custom driven), and grace periods are supported.
  • Live integration to market data feeds or separately controlled market data management
  • Book advances, payments, and rollovers with just a few entries and clicks.
  • Notices and statements are generated by the system on schedule and on demand.
  • Credit limit and market risk metrics are fully integrated alongside FX, providing management a complete 360 degree view of counterparty risk.
  • Cash flow/funding is fully integrated into position blotters for seamless cross market/instrument management, including hedging through swaps.
  • In-memory grid architecture with realtime access to trade, risk and P&L.
  • Simple trade booking with integrated P&L calculator.
  • Slice and dice pivot tables.
  • Custom report builder.

Back Office

Fully integrated into FX STAR™ Office is the Money Market Module. FX STAR™ Office is a powerful back office system for efficient and secure post-trade processing with tailored workflow solutions.

  • Simplified plugin to integrate with bank’s DDA system to check balance in real-time, memo post, override posting error, and finally hard post.
  • SWIFT plugin to instruct correspondent banks to confirm the trade, process payment, receive incoming wires, receive trade confirmations and receive nostro statements.
  • Integrated and automated OFAC/Compliance screening, score based auto approval, false positive approval, BSA approval and audit tracking process.
  • Country specific payment requirement configuration and enforcing the required fields for payments.
  • Integrated BIC directory, IBAN validation, and international bank identifier validation.
  • Workflow-driven PDF confirmation generation and transmission process, with a client interface to confirm, or upload signed confirmation.
  • Automated SWIFT confirmation with automated and manual matching.
  • Efficient incoming wire processing.
  • Simple and powerful Nostro Reconciliation process and reporting, including delineation and segregation of master and sub account balanaces.
  • Automated regulatory reporting engine.
  • Simpler draft collections, draft image upload, clearing, and FX conversion process.
  • Comprehensive Investigation management and reporting.
  • Automated MTM report generation and transmission plugin.
  • Detailed and best market practice journal entry generation and reporting plugin.
  • Automated End of day processing with controls to run intra processing.
  • Straight through processing with manual control when required.
  • Out of the box, best market practice workflow tailored to suit your institution’s unique needs.
  • Readily available plugins to integrate with DDA, SWIFT, GL and AML systems.
  • System access is driven by entitlements and two-factor authentication.
  • Maker and checker dual authorized function for crucial processes.
  • Integrated document management system to manage all customer agreements and documents.
  • Simple and powerful, template driven report builder.

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